HSS Spring Fundraiser – Save Around Savings Book

Our campus will sponsor a fundraiser for the Spring semester with the Save Around Coupon Books. These coupon books are filled with all sorts of useful savings from restaurants, sporting goods stores, shopping stores, family entertainment and much more!

Each book is $25 and each student that sells their first 5 will receive a free coupon book for their family.

If you would like to participate, each book you plan to sell will be pre-paid at the front office. You may pre-pay for one at a time or multiple books, once you have sold them you may pick up some more. Books may even be purchased online for family and friends that live out of town. The funds raised from the fundraiser will go toward student activities and guest assembly events.

Please help us support our school and pass on valuable

savings to your family and friends!

Open enrollment begins soon for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!

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