it’s January Scien-tastic Spirit Week! Our January Spirit Week will be dedicated to Science & STEM!  This is a great time to get creative and make your own Scien-tastic shirt, hat, accessory or another design at home.  Don’t forget that all spirit day attire must still be school appropriate according to our Harmony Free Dress Policy.

Monday – Mad Science Day:  dress like a scientist in your lab coat or a well known scientist from real life or from one of your favorite books or TV show characters (Einstein, Bill Nye, Sid the Science Kid, Ms. Frizzle or any other scientist) or wear a shirt with a science theme.

Tuesday – Robot Re-boot:  dress like a robot, make a robot hat or wear a shirt with a robot on it.

Wednesday – Outta This World Day:  wear a NASA shirt, dress like an astronaut or wear a shirt with the sun, moon, stars or any sort of space theme.

Thursday – STEM/Science Freestyle:  get creative and wear anything related to STEM or Science…a shirt, “sun” hat, crazy socks or hair, dress like an engineer, mathematician, science or STEM teacher, doctor or nurse.

Friday – Scien-tastic Tiger Day:  wear your HSS Tiger spirit shirt


Don’t forget to post your Spirit Week Photos on our Facebook page or email them to Ms. Williams (Subject Line:  Science Spirit Week – Tiger Talk) to appear in our Tiger Talk newsletter!